Berman Containers: Antarctica

Location: Antarctica
Program: Storage, Workshop, and Office
Area: 3 Containers @ 13sqm

Date: September 2016

Progress: Completed


The client's brief required the design of three containers to be converted into a storage van, workshop van and office van respectively,  to be used in Antarctica over the summer months as storage and working space for remote field camps. The containers were required to be modified into 20' high cubed sea containers with side doors. As the containers would be shipped to Antarctica once manufacturing was completed, they needed to conform to ISO dimensions for travel. The containers would not be heated when in use so they would need to be capable of regular freezing and have no openings that would allow seas spray to enter the interior spaces. Antarctica has extreme temperatures, winds and UV exposure requiring specific design features. The containers were designed to have a 20-year service life with basic maintenance to be performed on the mechanical and electrical features when required.