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Container Casa Unit
Location: Anywhere
Program: Airbnb or Tiny Home
Area: 2 x 12M Container with 6M

Progress: Completed



This 2 x 12M Container Unit was designed as the perfect holiday unit or Tiny home comprising of 2-bed, both with en-suites and an open plan kitchen area with a large island counter that can seat 6-8 people. To create more space to fit a lounge area, a 6M container was added to the end of the kitchen. 

This 6M area also creates a separation between the two private porch areas connected to the bedroom wings. There is one door leading from the lounge area onto one of these private decks but this can be altered according to what you envision.

This unit will take up roughly 45m2 of land so is the perfect size to add to an existing property as an additional cottage space or to place multiple units to serve as holiday rentals. 


These standard designed units can be replicated as per your requirements or serve as a base to kick start your design as we can then customize the design more to suit your holiday unit or tiny home needs. 

Email us to find out more about getting started with your project.


Project Images

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