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Open Plan Living area

Seapoint Apartment 1
Location: Cape Town
Program: Residential 
Area: 150sqm

Progress: Completed

Fresh renovations make living along Cape Town's jaw-dropping coastline even better! This apartment needed to be opened up to allow our client to experience the surrounding coastal views at their very best- panoramically. To bring our vision to life, the apartment is fitted with new kitchen cabinets and a brand-new sectioned-off scullery area. The dining and lounge area has large new sliding-windows that really opens it up to the stunning beach views. 

The existing bathroom is made smaller to create a larger main bedroom, while still allowing guests a bathroom that also serves the second bedroom.
The larger main bedroom now allows for a walk-in dressing room as well as an en-suite bathroom. Along with a fresh coat of paint, new fittings and finishes and updated larger windows and doors, this apartment is hardly recognizable when we're done with it! 

Project Images

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