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House Fishhoek
Location: Fishhoek, WC
Program: Residential 
Area: 490sqm

Progress: Completed

Located on a sloped site with a hard rock base, careful consideration for the site was required to ensure minimal excavation without producing a house that stands out as an obstruction rather than set into the mountain side. 

The idea was to then create a solid base as close to the street as possible to avoid a steep/long driveway into the garage. The ground floor will therefore consist of a double garage with storage areas aswell as a WC and large foyer area leading to a central staircase and space for a future lift. The second floor will form the apartment level of the house which will be rented to permanent tenants. This sizeable floor area will consist of an open plan Kitchen, dining and living around which leads out onto a large North-facing balcony with a sheltered balcony nook on the West side. The North-west side will also have a study area to the left of the kitchen. The apartment will be a 2-bedroom unit with a bathroom with both shower and bath with a second bathroom with just a shower. The bathrooms will have windows facing the mountain side of the property. This level of the house will have a door leading out onto the back garden area.


The first floor will consist of the owners section of the house. With a very similar layout to the apartment level, this 2-bedroom space will also have two bathrooms with the main bedroom having it's own sheltered balcony nook. The open plan living areas lead out onto a large balcony space with stunning views of Fishhoek bay. 

The house will be sheltered by a large mono-pitch roof which will in turn shelter the largely glazed North facade as well as capture rainwater for irrigation and use around the house. Solar panels will be installed on the roof to supply hot water and electricity. Separate geysers will be supplied for each floor to ensure that each level is supplied with adequate hot water. The owners are based in Germany, so the idea for a permanent tenant will ensure that the house is occupied at all times until they visit during summer months and eventually move to SA. The balcony on the street side will create an eyes on the street feel ensuring a secure neighbourhood. 


Project Images

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