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Timber Home Bettys Bay

Location: Bettys Bay, WC
Program: Residential 
Area: 270sqm

Date: Oct 2019

Progress: Completed, June 2021

This timber framed house was commissioned to allow my clients to move out of the city centre and retreat to the stunning town of Bettys Bay. This barn-style gable end home with it's large dormers that bring light and views into the upstairs loft type floor creates a unique and dynamic facade from every angle. 
There is a large double garage with extra length for storage of all sporting goods as these clients are avid kite surfers. Leading up to the front door is a covered porch with an outdoor shower. As you walk into the home there is a double volume staircase to the right leading to the upstairs. Walking into the living area you are greeting by large stacking doors in the double volume living area and open plan kitchen. 

The kitchen has large barn doors that open to a pantry and coffee nook and behind this is the scullery area that has access to the garage. To the right of the ground floor is a guest bedroom and bathroom 

As you walk upstairs and turn to your right, there is a large open study, crafts and possibly third bedroom space. On the opposite end is the main bedroom with an open dressing area and large en-suite. Both the upstairs spaces/rooms overlook the double volume living area. 

On the ground floor, the living area opens onto a North facing deck which has stunning views of the Bettys Bay mountain reserve. The plot will be left to grow wild local forna and fauna. The kitchen has a sliding/stacking window that opens up to the north deck so that when one is busy in the kitchen they can still be part of the outside entertainment. As you can see, this window also frames the mountains beautifully. 


Project Images

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