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House Croydon Estate

Location: Croydon Vineyard Estate
Program: Residentia

Area: 70sqm

Progress: Completed


This stunning home in Croydon Wine Estate had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of their backyard with stunning views of the Vineyards and Cape Town skyline but all the spaces were completely block off from this area and it was becoming a bit of a dead space. 

All three bedrooms had new glazed double doors added to the space to open them up more aswell as gain access to the new deck space. A narrow timber deck was added which then ends in a semi-enclosed L-Shape area infront of the main bedroom which in future will have internal renovations done to make it a luxurious suite. 


This portion of the deck was enclosed with a matching gable end structured roof with an added window at the end to not block any of the views. The interior of the enclosed area has a white bag-washed brick finish just to bring in a more rustic, wine farm feel to the home. The trusses were left exposed to really finish off the look and create the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine while the sun sets. 

Large wooden steps lead onto the garden which will be further established in future to really bring this backyard renovation to life.


Project Images

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