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The Old Honey House
Location: Johannesburg
Program: Residential 
Area: 440sqm

Progress: Completed

This beautiful building used to be an old honey house. Large steel windows still surround the building conveying the large ceiling volumes of 3 and 4metres. Set in a valley filled with lush wild vegetation, my clients could not help but see the potential to turn this building into their new home. Working alongside my client, Kerry McLeod, who has a keen design eye, we walked the site and building discussing the potential of the honey house. The family of 3 can't wait to transform this lovely building! The grand entrance to the house will lead to a double-volume dining area, kitchen and lounge. This lower level space will also accommodate a guest bathroom, scullery and outside entertainment area. The upper ground level will house the cinema-room and the clients' design workshop.



Project Images

The double volume space above the dining area is just breath-taking with a 4M ceiling height, you can't help but let this space take your breath away. The staircase will lead up to the upper-story extension which will contain the main bedroom, dressing room, and an en-suite. The son's room will be located next to a study as well as a guest bedroom and bathroom. The Honey House will be transformed into an utterly unique, vintage cottage-styled home. You can't help but fall in love with the site and the character of this new home!


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