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Container Capri
Location: Capri, Cape Town
Program: Container Home
Area: 100m2

Date: February 2018
Progress: Completed



On this stunning plot our client would like to establish a stunning two bedroom container home which comprises of 2 x 12M containers with a central steel structure. The containers will be slightly offset to allow both bedrooms their own private views and private courtyards. This is one house that I would not mind for myself as the added central structure has a raised roof to allow for clerestorey windows which will let natural light in throughout the day. The central area is for entertaining, relaxing and has a little work station. 

The South-West facing wing will house an open plan kitchen area which leads off into a long double volume corridor with clerestorey windows which takes you to the bathroom and second bedroom aswell as a private courtyard at the back of the house. The North-East facing wing will have an open plan living and dining area with the main bedroom which has sliding doors leading to the side of the house. This house has stunning views of the outdoors at every turn you take.

Project Images

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