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Container Pringle Bay
Location: Pringle Bay, South Africa
Program: House
Area: 247sqm

Date: February 2017
Progress: Completed 2018


Pringle bay.jpg

This incredible project situated in scenic Pringle bay is the result of a client's vision of a simplistic container home with a central entertainment core and floated mono-pitch roof to open up a free-flowing, open-plan space. As the very first custom-designed container home collaboration between'e Architectural Concepts and Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts, this was one of our most exciting housing projects together yet!


This stunning, yet unpretentious home sits beautifully amongst the surrounding timber-clad beach houses along the raw coastline. It seems to float effortlessly on stilts and the addition of the clerestory-roof windows creates a seamless interior, with an exterior to match. These clerestory windows seem to frame the surrounding mountains and landscaping from every angle. This is a 3 Bedroom house with a main bedroom, dressing room and en-suite. A guest bathroom is located between the two bedrooms. 

Featured: Culture Trip


Project Images

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