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Container Paradise Beach
Location: Paradise Beach, EC
Program: House
Area: 180sqm

Progress: Concept



Situated near the stunning town of Jeffreys Bay, this home will prove to be the perfect sanctuary. Designed using 5 x containers with 2 on the ground floor and 3 on the first floor with a central steel structure making up the living area. The ground floor will have an open plan entrance foyer with laundry/scullery area along with the main staircase leading to the first floor. A central garage will be covered by the first floor structure. On the opposite end will be a private bedroom with a study nook and bathroom space. 

As you walk up the double volume staircase, you will enter the main living area which then opens up onto a stunning decked space which has stunning ocean views. The South-East wing of the house will have a second bedroom with a bathroom. The North-East wing will have the main bedroom, larger dressing room and private bathroom. Both bedrooms have large projection windows at the ends to ensure sunlight filters in aswell as optimal views.


This house is set on a site which has large amounts of existing vegetation which will surround the house creating a feeling of being lost amongst the trees. The owner would like to use natural/raw looking materials to ensure that the house blends rather than sticks out. 

Solar panels will be installed on the roof structure to supply hot water along with electrical. Rainwater tanks will be installed to collect water which can be used around the house aswell as for irrigation ensuring a green garden all year round. 


Project Images

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