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Container Nambucca
Location: Nambucca, NSW
Program: New Home
Area: 2 Containers @ 100sqm

Date: May 2017
Progress: Council



This secluded site amongst rolling hills creates the perfect setting for your dream home to enjoy some solitude surrounded by nature. This unassuming family home is set in Nambucca and will function almost completely off the grid. The containers will be covered by the large overhang of a floating roof structure with shaders to the North-west of the decked area. Due to the area having a high bush-fire hazard rating, careful consideration was taken with regards to the location of the house, the fire-rating of materials and ensure easy escape for clients if required.

Project Images

A two-bedroom home with two bathrooms and an open-plan living area offers ample space for this family of 3. The kitchen space will be equipped for socializing with family and friends with a large island that can seat up to 7, creating the ideal space to enjoy a glass of wine as you admire the peaceful surrounding landscape. 

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