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Container Office Unit
Location: Anywhere
Program: Office Unit
Area: 1 x 6M Container

Progress: Completed
Starting Cost: + R250K


This 1 x 6M Container Unit was designed as the perfect at home office space. These units do not take up alot of space and are the perfect size for a small office space. The unit was designed to have a small bathroom area with toilet and basin (there is enough space to fit a small shower if need be). There is a small kitchenette area to make that delicious cup of coffee to start your day. 

The remainder of the floor area can then be furnished with 2 to 3 desks areas alternatively less desks and a small seating area.

These standard designed units can be replicated as per your requirements or serve as a base to kick start your design as we can then customize the design more  to suit your business needs. These smaller units are easy to install and kit out.  


Project Images

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