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Container Namibia Home
Location: Namibia - Orange River
Program: Residential 
Area: 180sqm

Date: October 2016
Progress: Completed

We were briefed to design a home for a family of four located in Namibia. Providing enough space for the family to grow together as a unit while sheltering them from the harsh Namibian sun was a challenge we were able to meet! The containers offer perfect spaces that allow for cross ventilation, as well as enough sun exposure to warm up the interior during cold seasons. We designed windows and doors to be adjacent to one another in order to create a constant airflow and are incorporating block-out blinds to shelter the interiors from harsh temperatures.

The open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area create livable, free-flowing spaces that allow the family to interact with one another in a relaxed environment. The decked area will open up to the stunning views of the landscape and Orange River below, which also aids in bringing cooler air into the home. Shelter from surrounding trees also helps to cool the air and ensures regular breezes to maintain a constant temperature within, for a comfortable family home. 

Project Images

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