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Timber Home Gansbaai

Location: Gansbaai, WC
Program: Residential 
Area: 160sqm

Date: March 2020

Progress: Completion April 2022

This timber framed house was designed for my client in order to have all areas leading out onto a large deck which has a section that is partially covered. Therefore, on the North East side is the main bedroom with dressing area and large en-suite bathroom with a walk-in shower and double vanity. The Bedroom has a set of large stacking doors that lead out onto the sunny deck. At the end of this wing is a second bedroom with guest bathroom. Large high level windows allow East light into the bathroom spaces to ensure a bright and well ventilated space. 

Leading off from the bedroom wing there is a central area consisting of an open plan kitchen with large kitchen island with a timber feature beam running overhead this flat roof section. Infront of the dining area are another set of stacker doors leading to a partially covered more private section of the decked area. 

Project Images

On the North West wing of the house more the the south side and just off the kitchen area is a large scullery and pantry that I think everyone would be envious of. There is a door at the end of the scullery which leads to the driveway/garage area. Just off of the dining area is a cozy living area with a fireplace. To the end of this wing will be a large entertainment come bar area that has corner stacking doors leading to the middle and front of the deck. 

Attached to the side of the house is an extra length double garage sufficient for parking cars, storage and a workspace section. On the two wings of the house will be a large overhanging monopitch roof structure. The middle section of the house aswell as the garage will have a lower profiled pitched roof. These large roofs will create apply opportunity to catch as much rainwater for reuse around the property and household. 


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