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Container 12M Residential Unit
Location: Anywhere
Program: 12M 2-Bed Home
Area: 1 x 12M Container

Progress: Completed
Starting Cost: + R450K


This 12-meter container unit was meticulously crafted to serve as an ideal Airbnb accommodation or stylish bachelor pad for any property. Its generous size of 30m2 is larger than the 6-meter unit, thanks to its added length, allows for two comfortable bedrooms to be easily accommodated at each end of the container. Inside, there is a compact yet functional bathroom complete with a shower, toilet, and basin area, alongside a small storage space that can be adjusted or removed to expand the bathroom further.
Additionally, the unit features a cozy kitchen area with enough space remaining to accommodate either a small lounge suite or a dining area. When paired with a spacious deck, this setup seamlessly integrates outdoor patio furniture, further enhancing the overall living space.
These standardized designs are versatile and can be replicated according to your specifications or used as a starting point for your unique design. We offer customization services to tailor the unit precisely to meet your business needs. Installation and outfitting these compact yet stylish units are straightforward, making them an excellent choice for various purposes.

Project Images

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