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House Clanwilliam

Location: South Africa
Program: Residential 
Area: 425sqm

Date: April 2016

Progress: Construction


With a beautiful setting along a lagoon and stunning greenery surrounding the house, this brief required us to demolish the existing small house on the plot, and provide for a new four-bedroom home worthy of its surroundings. The envisioned home would include a large storage and entertainment area for the client and his son to enjoy, and a second bathroom space adequate for their two children and any guests. A lovely open-plan layout provided ample entertainment space leading out through beautiful doors onto a decked area that will overlook the lagoon. 


The client has sourced all materials from Germany, ensuring high-quality finishes with superior functionality. In the section and elevation, a stunning mono-pitch roof is visible, floating over the spaces and protecting windows and doors from the heat of African sun. The less prominent spaces of the second bathroom protrudes from this covering, while the storage space sits comfortably under the floating roof. The finished project is sure to be a head-turner!


Project Images

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