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Container St Helena
Location: St Helena, South Africa
Program: House and Guest units
Area: 2 X Containers = 60sqm

Date: October 2017
Progress: Completed
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Just as the main house, the cottages will follow a Barn and rustic-inspired design which really suits these Airbnb Units for those looking for an escape in a Container! Despite the rustic industrial look, the interior has been fitted with beautiful modern finishes and furniture with a soothing and bright palette to contrast with the dark grey of the exposed container exterior.


Built from 2 x 12M Containers these units have been placed in the optimal position to enjoy the unbeatable views of Saint Helena village below aswell as the bay and Cederberg mountains in the distance. The unit has two bedrooms with en-suites so guests have their own private wing to each corner of the containers. In the centre is a Kitchen unit placed at the back of the containers with a fridge, gas hob and kitchen essentials. The rest of the open plan living space has comfortable seating and lounging area which then opens up onto the covered porch which has been equipped with a braai and woodfired hot tub.


The two containers have a low profile roof structure that also forms the porch roof, this allows them to collect as much rainwater as possible for reuse around the cottage. The bathrooms have both been fitted with composting toilets and all greywater is collected for reuse. Double glazing was installed on the windows, minimal glazing was installed on the west façade and all large glazed areas have been sheltered with the roof overhang to ensure adequate sunlight in winter while minimizing glare and heat gain in hot summer months. The porch is semi-enclosed to shelter from the wind and rain.


  • Double glazed windows to control temperatures during winter and summer

  • Monopitch roof was installed to collect as much rainwater and possible to be reused

  • Gas geyser, stove and fireplace were installed to be less reliant on electrical supply.

  • Greywater collection system

  • Composting toilets

  • Eventually a solar panel system will be installed to bring the house off the grid

  • Quick building time means less resources such as water required for construction

  • Energy efficient light bulbs

  • Permeable paving

  • Waterwise landscaping

  • Recycling building materials aswell as the containers themselves are given a new life

  • Minimal materials meaning a low carbon footprint

Project Images

Project Images

Photos by Briginiqua Photography & Design

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