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House East London

Location: East London
Program: Residentia

Area: 30sqm

Progress: Concept


We love bringing spaces to life! The house has an existing patio and disjointed braai spot on the boundary that was just not working. The client's brief was to connect these two spaces while keeping the connection to the pool and the lush green lawn so that whether you are swimming, tanning, reading a book or putting the fire on for a braai, everyone is connected for the perfect social spot. 
The existing porch area will have new concrete finish tiles laid which will tie in better with the existing exposed brick of the house. The existing braai will be revamped with a new countertop space and built in seating nook making use of most of the existing structure and space they have. The existing braai roof will be replaced extended to line up with the existing covered porch creating an elongation of this existing spot. The new covered braai area will have matching brick pavers laid to join up existing pathways with this area.

We assisted the client with the space planning of these areas by suggesting that the area by the braai become the 'outdoor dining' while under the existing porch we create a 'chill lounge spot' where chairs and loungers can be taken onto the grass for tanning in the sunny garden. East London has a very tropical climate so we also made some landscaping suggestions to better enhance the feel of this tropical pool side retreat. 

We also assisted the client with the design suggestion of the new roof and ideas for the finishes of this area. Of course we couldn't resist presenting them with a 3D rendering to help visualize the final design.


Project Images

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