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Timber Home Coomber
Location: Cape Town
Program: Residential 
Area: 35sqm

Date: March 2017
Progress: Completed May 2021


This project is special for so many reasons. A lifelong friend, Danielle and her husband Marc, approached us to do their new family-home extension. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity! 

Building onto an existing house, this simplistic extension will be constructed out of steel framing and clad with fibre cement boards.The first phase of their home will consist of a beautiful bathroom and bedroom, with an open-plan kitchen and living area. To ensure that maximum light-reach into the spaces, large windows will be installed into the open plan living space with a sliding door leading onto a private courtyard where the couple can enjoy their lush new garden. The client being an avid gardener will transform their garden into a private oasis to enjoy with family and friends. 

The site development will also include a secondary driveway with new steel framed gates and timber slats.
The couple, along with help from family and friends, will be doing most of the construction themselves as well as the joinery and fittings of the house. Since they have their own carpentry business - The TImbershed - there is no doubt that the finishes they produce will be exquisite. We will probably even be painting a few walls ourselves!

Project Images

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