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Tiny House Canada
Location: Canada
Program: Residential 
Area: 44sqm with Deck and Mezzanine

Progress: Construction


Located in Canada, this tiny home cabin was perfectly named M'deek (Tsimshian First Nations language for grizzly bear). The brief was to design a tiny home cabin that would fit in with the cold environment. 

The ground level has a spacious decked entrance into an open plan lounge area with Gas fireplace, a small kitchenette with central island for dining and at the far end will be a bathroom. 


Project Images

From the kitchen space there is access to the mezzanine bedroom area and storage. Windows on the 3 walls will allow you to lie in bed with a hot drink and enjoy the surrounding nature. 

A large roof will span the full footprint of the tiny cabin and have a sufficient slope to allow for the mezzanine area. A small secondary roof at a lower level will be built over the deck space to ensure that there is shelter from the elements. 

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