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Container Suurbraak
Location: Suurbraak, South Africa
Program: Holiday Rental
Area: 120m2

Progress: Concept




This stunning farm cottage styled container home is set on a large property and will be built on the edge of a pond creating the illusion of floating above the water. Slender steel columns will form the support structure for the 2 x 12M containers with a central steel structure. There will be two large porches at either end of the house, one facing North and the surrounding mountains and the other facing South overlooking the pond and nearby river. The east wing of the house will have the main bedroom with en-suite with a freestanding bath and outdoor shower that can open out onto the pond porch. The west wing is the second bedroom with en-suite with a shower only. 

The central structure will have an open plan kitchen from the South side, then a large lounge area towards the North porch. The main porch will have a built in braai and be large enough for outdoor dining and lounging. A clerestorey roof structure will run from East to West creating double volume areas in both bedrooms and the lounge area.


The smaller pond side porch will be sufficient in size to have outdoor breakfast seating to enjoy the cooler south side of the building. The pond at the end of the house will allow breezes to be cooled while creating cross-ventilation through the building. The 3 large roof structures will all drain to rainwater storage tanks which can then be used in the holiday unit and around the garden for irrigation. The bathrooms and kitchen sink are heated with gas geysers and solar panels will be installed on the roof for electricity. 

The site is located in a sensitive area and therefore a stilted structure means a minimal impact on the site so that vegetation can grow naturally around and under the house structure. This is truly one guest house that I plan on spending a weekend away at.

Project Images

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