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Steel House Riebeek Kasteel
Location: Riebeek Kasteel, WC
Program: Residential 
Area: 35sqm

Date: June 2023
Progress: Construction
Contractor: Containatech PTY LTD


Located in the stunning town of Riebeek Kasteel, this steel framed studio home is the perfect size to build onto an existing property to form a second dwelling or to use as holiday units.

The 35m2 space consists of two-bedrooms and one bathroom with a walk-in shower. The living area is spacious enough for a small kitchenette area aswell as dining or lounge area. The smaller bedroom has sliding doors which will lead onto the garden space and sufficient windows facing North to bring in light into all spaces. 


Project Images

We had to work closely with the local municipality who have had limited alternative building methods approved in the area, these 3D images were produced to showcase that these tiny designs can fit in with the local architecture and neighbouring style of homes while also standing out as something unique.


This design was based off one of our standard steel framed layouts which can be costed as is or customized to meet your needs. The style and finish can be changed to be a mixture of cladding methods.


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