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Container Hermanus
Location: Hermanus, South Africa
Program: House
Area: 3 Containers @ 180sqm

Date: March 2017
Progress: Completed


This unique use of containers will see them transformed into a ground floor entrance-container with two container-wings floating above the ground unit. The joining space will consist of a semi-enclosed deck and infinity pool towards the back of the site. The top containers will be supported by the ground container and cantilever over a Y-column structure.


This lovely couple's main consideration regarding the design was integrating their surrounds into the home: "We love the outdoors and would like to feel like we are constantly outside and enjoying our surroundings". Nicknamed "the treehouse", this home delivers exactly that: each space provides uninterrupted views of the outdoors and each area is able to open out onto the central decked area.

The North-east wing will house a contemporary open-plan kitchen, dining area, and lounge that looks onto the joining center deck. The North-west wing will house an open-plan bedroom and dressing room, with an en-suite to the south of the site. The central core will be enclosed with a mono-pitch roof and steel pergola to the Northside. 


Large corner windows and sliding doors frame the exterior spaces and provide panoramic views from each individual space. Despite the largely open-plan layout, each space was created as a small 'nook', ensuring a sense of privacy. We can't wait to see this cutting-edge design come to life!

Project Images

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