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The Square Elephant Guest Lodge
Location: South Africa
Program: Residential 
Area: 25sqm

Date: September 2016
Progress: Holiday Rental



An innovative vacation container with custom-designed furniture and layouts to ensure a comfortable living space for holidaymakers. This client is very conscious about off-the-grid living and incorporating sustainable architecture as far as possible. The container will, therefore, make use of rainwater as far as possible, power will be supplied by the main house on the property, and energy-saving bulbs will be used. The container provides ample opportunities to incorporate cross-ventilation, keeping areas cool, allowing sunlight into all spaces of the container for an improved quality of life and the addition of shading devices to ensure the optimal comfort of occupants. 


Project Images

The large roof overhang will also ensure interior spaces are adequately shaded during hot summer days. The open plan living area will lead onto a deck overlooking the surroundings of this beautiful nature reserve. And for those who enjoy star gazing, well to the corner of the container you can sit in the hot tub and enjoy a glass of South African wine while looking at the stars.


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