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Container Bettys Bay 1
Location: Bettys Bay
Program: Container Home
Area: 180m2

Date: December 2017
Progress: Construction




Located in the stunning Overstrand district, this new container home will feature 3 x 12M containers configured on the ground floor to house an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area. A guest bathroom will be located in the entrance foyer with a double-volume staircase leading to the first floor. A small scullery will lead off from the kitchen area with a laundry and washing-up area. The dining and living area will lead off onto a decked area, consisting of a pool, braai area, and bar counter. These spaces will be semi-covered for privacy and shelter from the strong winds that Bettys Bay can experience.


On the first floor, 3 more 12M containers are configured to create an open-plan private living area and study nook. A small covered balcony leads off from the living area facing the backyard. Two guest bedrooms will lead off to the right with a second bathroom, while the main bedroom is located on the opposite end with a walk-in closet and en-suite. 

Large corner windows and doors ensure that no matter what space you are in, you have a constant connection with the surrounding mountains and ocean views. 

This innovative new home will establish that building with containers poses no limits! The containers will be partially clad, with exposed areas being painted with waterproof roofing-paint. A low profile roof will be added to the containers to allow for rainwater run-off and rainwater collection for irrigation of the large backyard area. Solar panels and a solar geyser will supply the house with power and hot water. 

Project Images

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