At'e Architectural Concepts, we not only create beautiful facades - We create spaces worth inhabiting. 

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 PO.CH'E ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPTS is a Cape Town-based architectural design studio. Perfectly encapsulating the importance of livable design, Poche refers to the solid spaces found between the walls of our homes and businesses. As designers, we know it is not enough to focus on the massing of a building; the spaces in-between hold the key to design, and comfort, that will last.  


We work closely with clients with varying budgets, design and building needs to create spaces as visually stunning as they are effortlessly livable. A company born from passion, experience, and an eye for breathtaking design,'e Architectural Concepts is the breath of life your project has been waiting for. 




Providing people with personal yet cost-effective services is our passion. Adapting our premium services- which include both 2D and 3D presentations - to various clients' needs, ensures that no matter the project, we deliver buildings that are aesthetically pleasing without comprising on optimal comfort for occupants. Our focus on sustainable design means incorporating passive design strategies and sustainable technologies into your project comes standard. We guarantee incredible design that is Eco-friendly, budget-savvy, and always a pleasure to come home to.

Poche specialises in container home designs which is the latest South African trend that is growing everyday. Recycled containers are used to form the structure of your home and you won't believe what we have done with these architectural 'Lego blocks'. Join us in this new innovative design strategy which is not only the Eco-friendly way to build but offers affordable building solutions.

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